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The problem is particularly acute among younger Americans.

American life expectancy declined again last year, as Americans continue to drug and kill themselves at record rates. Social scientists have long since established the link between religiosity and life satisfaction.

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Religious people are also significantly more likely to engage in happy-making behaviors, such as getting and staying married. A study released in affirmed what countless others had already shown: married couples report higher life satisfaction than their single, divorced, and widowed neighbors.

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That satisfaction tends to last beyond the honeymoon and well into old age. The misery epidemic threatens not merely American households but also our halls of power.

God Help Us: Atheism Becomes Largest Religion In U.S.

The late Andrew Breitbart observed that politics is downstream of culture, and culture in turn is downstream of religion. A materialistic culture worships wealth; a licentious culture worships sex; a godly culture worships God. We must respect freedom of speech. As we approach the Fourth of July, we must remember that many Americans have fought and died for the freedoms we cherish today.

Attached for reference is the City's official statement. Before the Constitution was drafted, a committee was charged with creating a seal and motto for the new nation. Some religious ideas were talked about, but ultimately the committee decided against religious symbols and phrases.

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Carte said most Americans identified as Protestant at the time, but each state had different religious establishments already in place. Stewart said this motto describes America as a secular nation. The national seal of the United States. Credit Shutterstock.

One is that some politicians wanted to limit government, and they believed incorporating Christianity into politics would help their cause. Carte said the Holocaust and anti-communist sentiment during the '50s pushed these groups to find common ground.

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The one thing all Americans do agree on, is that we love to argue about what it means to be an American. City officials in Fort Worth have received a wave of complaints over a set of banners hanging in downtown.