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Although Heyer worked hard to ensure her novels were historically accurate, her depiction of the Regency is coloured by her own beliefs. As Styles notes, there were. Lady Jersey served as the senior partner from She never allowed the men in her life to take an active part in the bank, and retained the right to hire and fire all the other partners.

My beautiful nephew did not get his boorishness from us. Sir Waldo belongs to a certain set which is considered to be the very height of fashion.

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In fact, he is its leader […]. You must know, perhaps better than I do, that the manners and too often the conduct of those who are vulgarly called Top-of-the-Trees are not governed by quite the same principles which are the rule in more modest circles. Freddy himself is a Mark II hero, and Kitty has by this stage in the novel come to recognise their relative merits:.

He seemed just like all the heroes in books, but I soon found that he is not like them at all. In describing in loving detail the minaret-domed exterior and the magnificent Chinoiserie interior of the Pavilion, Georgette described a building which did not yet exist in that form. Her mistake in Regency Buck came from her reading of the limited source material […]. Georgette made very few mistakes in her historical novels and the discovery of an error always caused her considerable distress.

A minor error of a slightly different nature can be found in The Nonesuch. Dawson In this quarter is a spacious square environed with handsome brick houses […]. Ryley does not give the precise number of children at the school No publication date is given for G. This would appear to suggest that Cooke visited Leeds during the summer of His comments regarding the Charity School cannot be regarded as entirely reliable, however, since his description of Leeds often appears to repeat Bigland verbatim. Bigland includes the figures quoted by Cooke and those given by Ryley Kloester identifies the author in question as Barbara Cartland Biography Baines, Edward.

Leeds: Edward Baines, Ballaster, Ros. Oxford: Clarendon, Balogh, Mary. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow, Bigland, John. London: J. Harris; Longman and Co. Walker; R Baldwin; Sherwood and Co. Cundee; B. Crosby and Co. Cuthell; J. Richardson; Cadell and Davies; C. Rivington; and G. Cowie and Co.

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Bloom, Clive. Bestsellers: Popular Fiction Since Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, Burt, Steven, and Kevin Grady. The Illustrated History of Leeds. Derby: Breedon Books, Byatt, A. Mary Fahnestock-Thomas. Saraland, AL: PrinnyWorld, Cooke, G. London: Sherwood, Neely, and Jones. No date.

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Feltham, John. Guiley, Rosemary.

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  4. New York: Facts on File, Laski, Marghanita. Laurens, Stephanie. These Old Shades. By Georgette Heyer. Don Mills, Ontario: Harlequin, Le Marchant, Denis. London: Richard Bentley and Son, Lutz, Deborah. Columbus: Ohio State UP, Norcia, Megan A. The Picture of London for London: R. Phillips, Putney, Mary Jo.

    The Nonesuch. Regis, Pamela. A Natural History of the Romance Novel. Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania P, Robinson, Lillian S. New York: Methuen, Ryley, John. The press's best-known editions include the collected works of William Congreve and William Wycherley and translations of Cervantes and Dante. A number of illustrated editions were also produced.

    The press fared less well as the years passed, and it changed ownership a number of times.


    In the late ss, Meynell ceded control of the press, but he regained control in the next decade, thanks in part to partnership with Max Reinhardt of Bodley Head , and continued publishing through the mids. What makes Biblio different? Facebook Instagram Twitter. Sign In Register Help Cart. Cart items.

    Toggle navigation. First Edition Identification First editions from Nonesuch Press have no additional printings indicated on the copyright page. Notable and collectible books published by Nonesuch Press.